How to use Daikon effectively.

This is also one of the way to save energy.
This is also one of the way to save energy.


As you know, not only Tohoku area but also Tokyo has food shortage problem now. According to my mother, many grocery stores don't have enough food to sell.


I'm not sure my info can help the people, but I'd like to introduce "how to use Daikon Effectively'. 

When you cook Daikon (japanese radish), don't throw the leaf and skin away! They are eatable! After you wash the Daikon, you cut the leaf about 1 cm and stir or boil it. Put soy source and fish slice (Katsuo-bushi). It has Calcium and go well with many ingredients  :) 

Don't throw skin as well. you cut the skin about 5 mm ( thicker is better!), and then cut the skin into fine strips. Stir with soy source, Mirin (sweet source) and Sesami-oil. 

Those can be good side-dishes. You can enjoy eating with rice!






It been a week after the earthquake. For me this week is the week that I realized myself as Japanese strongly. I hope people in the damaged area can get smile back soon. And I hope people in tokyo area can live without blackout and transpiration problem soon. I hope Self-defence force people can keep their safe while they work with nuclear power. 




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