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イラストレーションとしては成功しているのかもしれないのですが。。でもやっぱりイヤでした。自分が日本人だからでしょう。転がる日の丸を支えているのは、防護服を着た人たち。雑誌は The economist です。キャッチは、the fallout(放射性物質が落ちてくる、的な意味) でした。もう一つのほうの雑誌は忘れてしまいました。せっかくきれいなイラストなのに、もったいないなあ。


I went to the public library where bit far from my house today. It's hard to climb a hill in San Francisco by bicycle. Besides, it was rain. Anyway, I went to the library and saw two magazines which has Japanese Flag on the cover.


The illustrations itself were beautiful, but i didn't like the theme at all! 

One had the simple broken red circle, which represents Japanese flag obviously.

The other had the image that people who wearing special uniform for protecting themselves from radiation and pushing up big red circle, again, which represents Japanese flag.


I wanted to speak up that Japan hasn't broken yet! and hasn't fallen down yet!! 


I am not big fun of Japanese flag, but I don't want to see the image that Japan is about to break. sigh..


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    ta-shi (Wednesday, 23 March 2011 17:41)

    Hi, Yamagata san.

    I understand your feeling, the situation in Japan right now, I think the situation would have been strictly evaluated from overseas. I would regret.
    Japan in the future, it should properly reflect the fact that recognition from such indications. I think that it is the first step towards recovery.

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    yamagatayuki (Thursday, 24 March 2011 01:14)

    Thank you for the comment! I agree with that this is the one of the first steps for Japanese recovery. I see this kind of images a lot recently both online media (web magazine) and offline media (basically magazines) . Maybe what i can do is illustrate better Japanese flag image!!

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    カピバラ (Saturday, 26 March 2011 20:09)


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    yamagatayuki (Monday, 28 March 2011 02:34)