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I've kept thinking about Nuclear power. I read the article which is about the people in Fukushima who doesn't(or cannot )  want to evacuate: she said who's going to take care of the cows? If I don't feed them, they would die. I can't do that, they are like my child.


As a person who grew up in Tokyo and use electricity, I hesitate to disagree with Nuclear Power, but now I started to think it would be better to stop all the Nuclear Power in Japan as German does. I know this is very controversial topics and I'm not sure my opinion is appropriate or not. However it is very clear that I don't want to live next to the Nuclear Power even though I can have a lot of money.


I would encourage you to see this video. I'm not sure if this information is correct or not, but you might want to see this video before you put your opinion in public.


So far, i can only pray for the safety of the people/animals/plants/etcetc... in the evacuate area.


(video: both English and Japanese are available) 

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