Sketchtravel is is a unique international charity art project. The "sketchbook was passed from one artist's hand to another like an Olympic torch in an artistic relay through 12 countries over 4 and half years." (from official website) 

Check this project out!


Yuki : this sketchbook will be only one in the world! Amazing!

Nyankichi-sensei : it will be sold at an auction.

Frog : and the procceeds and royalties from the book's publication  will be donated!


The artist who participates in the project includes Hayao MIyazaki. Wow! and the project initiated by Japanese artist, Daisuke Tusumi and French artist, Gerald Guerlais.

Glad to know Japanese artist's great activitiy!   



Daisuke Tsutsumi さんのホームページはこれ→



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