Yuki is capacity over

let it be
let it be


This week, my school are in spring break, but i don't feel that i have break. wel.... just do it!


See you tomorrow! またあした、ごきげんよう〜。

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    承宰 (Sunday, 27 March 2011 04:20)

    You looks so funny, what you are eating something :) I'm still stressful doing my works -__-;;
    I guess, maybe I drink a lot of Rockstar energy drinks since last week ^^;; Good luck and I hope enjoy your last spring break.

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    yamagatayuki (Monday, 28 March 2011 02:30)

    hehehehe. thank you. yah, it's very easy to get stressed out if you keep working. Should I get the drinks?! I miss the hot bath tub in Japan so much~.